YOM is Now Multi-chain

2 min readJun 2, 2023

YOM is happy to announce that it is now able support metaverses on its DePIN metaverse rendering ecosystem that can communicate with all EVM-compatible chains.

Key to this support is the integration of metamask support in its SDK. That means we are no longer bound to only Solana based wallets.

Why is this important?

By adopting a multichain approach, YOM ensures compatibility with multiple blockchains, broadening its scope and reach. This shift is a game-changer, paving the way for increased interoperability and uses cases that rely on different types of smart contracts.


Below you can find a screenshot and a video of a pixelstreamed metaverse deployed via our SDK and platform that contains both Solana assets as well as Ethereum assets.

On the following page you can see the wallet contents showing those 3d items that we drop. For demo purposes we used the wallet owned by thephilosopher.eth.

What is YOM?

YOM is the metaverse DePIN. With YOM, any Unreal Engine creator can easily convert their work into a multiplayer metaverse experience that works directly in the browser.

But we already have so many platforms — what is different about YOM?

YOM leverages pixelstreaming technologies, custom build pipelines and low costs rendering ecosystem to generate high quality content on ultra-thin devices.

This allows for 5x development speed and extremely high quality metaverse experiences that go beyond 3D chatrooms (that we are so bored of) and do not require a traditional avatar-based experience. Experiences can range from simulations, to RTS / top-down experience to first person shooters.

So that’s cool. But what can exactly be crafted?

This ranges from premium titles created in Unreal Engine (e.g. Hogwarts Legacy) to smaller experiences that are used with the no-code editor. All of them directly accessible from the browser — requiring no expensive gaming machines or game install.

YOM changes how we think about metaverse.




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