YOM successfully completes three IDOs on Solanium, Solrazr, and Spores Network

2 min readMar 14, 2023

YOM has recently completed its three IDOs on Solanium, Solrazr, and Spores Network with a lot of success.

YOM’s IDO on Solanium was sold out, and YOM was more than 2x oversubscribed on the IDO with Solrazr. Furthermore, YOM came within the top 3 IDOs on Spores Network of all time.

YOM is a peer-to-peer infrastructure for the metaverse. Despite being in the alpha phase, YOM has a wide network of professional metaverse agencies and creators who use YOM to deploy and control their own web3 metaverse from their own channels. The platform provides true interoperability, enabling creators to integrate their web3 metaverse with any external ecosystem, store or real-time data source, catering to highly specific use cases and virtual experiences.

YOM’s peer-to-peer infrastructure is a significant advantage because it eliminates the need for expensive data centers and traditional cloud providers, reducing cloud gaming costs by a factor of 10x-50x. YOM was founded in 2021 by its three founders, who had experience in building scalable platforms and creating virtual solutions with Unreal Engine. The team had previously created custom virtual experiences for parties such as GlaxoSmithKline, TEDx, and the Dutch Government think tank Rathenau Institute.

YOM is currently simulating and migrating its solution to a peer-to-peer network and integrating several other key technologies. With the peer-to-peer network, YOM will be able to scale the network to millions of users at very low costs on a single shard, fully distributed.

$YOM is used as a token reward mechanism for gamers who contribute to rendering the metaverse. Holders of $YOM also get access to exclusive collectibles, events, allow list positions, and other perks. Furthermore, holders can earn additional $YOM by staking their tokens in the YOM liquidity pool.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to the community for their unwavering support of YOM and our mission to create a peer-to-peer infrastructure for the metaverse. We also want to express our gratitude to the launchpads, Solanium, Solrazr, and Spores Network, for their belief in our project and for providing us with the platform to showcase YOM to a wider audience. We couldn’t have achieved these results without the trust and support of our community and launchpad partners. We look forward to continuing to work together as we build a more decentralized and connected metaverse.




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